Michael Angus - Producer And Director Michael Angus

Salt is Michaelís 3rd major documentary project and first as producer/director.

Michael launched his career as a documentary film maker spending 4 years recording world champion boxer Danny Greenís journey from obscurity to sporting hero. The Fight Game was an honest and emotional portrayal of a devoted father and son wrestling with ambition whilst becoming increasingly aware of the impact of his obsession on himself and those around him. Grantley Kieza of the Daily Telegraph described it as, "the best sports film Iíve seen and the best study yet on the unique profession that is the fight game."

Following the success of the Fight Game, he was commissioned by the ABC to write and direct the documentary Ooldea. Here he worked with the West Australian Symphony Orchestra resident composer Ian Grandage, documenting his collaboration with the Spinifex Elders of the Great Victoria Desert. This film has been sold to numerous television stations throughout the world.

Fundamentally Michael views the world and constructs his narratives through the prism of relationships. Be it a boxer and his family, an artist with the landscape, or the collaboration of two diverse cultures, he is interested in what drives people and how that relates to the world around us.