Tom Heuzenroeder - Sound Design Tom Heuzenroeder - Sound Design

Since 1995, Tom has worked as a sound editor and composer in radio, theatre and television. Since 2000, he has worked full-time in the film industry, both in Australia and abroad.

In 2005, Tom designed and edited sound on Rolf de Heer's TEN CANOES in collaboration with James Currie, for which they were awarded an Australian Film Institute Award for Best Sound Design, 2006.

Tom also edited sound effects for Greg McLean's Wolf Creek, for which he was nominated for an Australian Film Institute Award and an IF Award in 2005.
Other films he has worked on include Like Minds directed by Gregory Read, Rogue directed by Greg McLean, Human Touch directed by Paul Cox, and Crocodile Dreaming and River Of No Return, both directed by Darlene Johnson. He worked recently as sound editor on Glass: A Portrait Of Philip In Twelve Parts, (Scott Hicks) and My Year Without Sex, (Sarah Watt) and as sound designer on Granaz Moussavi's My Tehran For Sale, produced by Cyan Films.